PooyaGene Biotech Co., as a research- and knowledge-driven company believes knowledge-based manufacturing is a solution for sustainable economic development, accordingly the company set its core mission; production solely based on innovation. We are committed to optimize our processes and continually improve quality of our products and services. We endeavour to ensure delivering products and services to our clients in the fastest and most convenient manner possible. Our success has built up on three pillars; Production based on innovation, Servicing based on Commitment and Distribution based on uniqueness. Our keys for being a pioneer in international market are keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, acquisition of the national and international standards, certificates and approvals.



PooyaGene Biotech Co.’s vision is to become pioneer in providing specific services regionally and globally. Our vision is to develop PooyaGene Biotech Co. a large organization having branches all over the nation and the world, to deliver our solutions to the life science sector across the globe.




The Founder of PooyaGene Biotech Co has set the 5C Rule as the company’s values; Concentration, Creativity, Continuation, Commitment, and Confidence.

Novel ideas drive the growth of any organization, which comes from the Concentration of full-mind but not full-time employees. The second value is Creativity that is changing in the sight of view to whatever are surrounding us and attempting to employ the practices in a better manner. The result of the first 2Cs is Innovation. The next step is Continuation through persistence, regardless of failing, which results offering innovative services and products. Yet, without 4th C, Commitment, the company may end up in a wrong direction. Our commitment is customer orientation. We continually strive to assist our clients to achieve their goals. Commitment guarantees quality. Our goal is delivering quality in all our operations and providing the best results on time. Commitment is ethically behaving with integrity in all our business and financial activities while demonstrating respect toward our customers and our staff. The final C is Confidence in whatever we offer, in our vision and our approaches and in general, confidence in what we are striving for. We believe by implementation of this 5C Rule no need to seek for the result, but success comes automatically.


Objectives: Near term and Long term

  • Upgrade to a world-class company
  • Performing applied biological researches
  • Manufacturing novel products
  • Offering distinctive and cost-effective services
  • Support and commercialization of innovative ideas
  • Establishment of branches in the country and overseas
  • Equipped with cutting-edge R&D lab
  • Employment of skilled experts and specialists
  • Corporation with companies all over the world



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility is our commitment to the society. At PooyaGene Biotech Co., as a socially responsible organization, under defined procedure, we provide financial assistance and summer free of cost training to a few bright high school and undergraduate students, free of cost molecular diagnostic services for particular persons and contribution in socially relevant and eco-friendly projects. Further details will be released soon. Our CSR activity starts from 2018.