PooyaGene Biotech Co. is a technology-based and Knowledge-driven enterprise, established with the aim of production based on innovation

Briefly, in 2008, some noble Iranian professionals gathered to settle a state-of-the-art company to strengthen the high quality-production and services in the biotech field. Later, 2009, Pooyagene Biotech Co. (PG) successfully gained the credit to begin its activity in the Technology Incubator Center located in Shahrekord, Iran.

We chose the "Production based on Innovation”, "Servicing based on Commitment” and "Distribution based on Uniqueness” as our main strategies to implement. We believe, innovation drives PG’s continuous growth, providing the latest and the most advanced products and services of life-science technology. Based on these strategies, we are always seeking for the technologies, services, and products, which are novel and unique. Reproducing and offering qualitatively similar services, which are currently available in the market is not our mission. We believe this approach accelerates the realization of innovative ideas. Commercialization of innovative ideas subsequently paves the way for increasing the power of the competitiveness in the biotech market.

PG started its activity by focusing on the molecular diagnostic kits, but has rapidly evolved from a young, innovative diagnostic kits developer into a comprehensive life science entity. At present, PG has a multi-disciplinary team focused on translation of excellent science into the market based on the current market needs. As amultidisciplinary company, all activities of PG are directed to the production and services, distribution of reputed brands and technology transfer. We continue to extend the scope of our activities. Although we work on a wide range of areas, but we assure our customers and clients to bring them great value.
PooyageneBiotech Company as a research-driven company is devoted to the research and quality of manufactureand servicing. PG by employing a team of professionals, undertakes consultancy services, manpower training, affordable and cost-effective services for everyone who seeks for excellence. PG is unflinchingly committed to provide excellent services.