As a fast developing company, we are actively and continuously seeking to collaborate with companies and research institutions having innovative technologies and solutions. PooyaGene Biotech Co., encourages the collaboration with individuals or groups of scientists from academia, industry and start-ups for a collaborative research in our business areas.

We welcome interactions with any company, institute or individual that is interested in working in cohesion with PooyaGene Biotech Co.’s vision to develop and commercialize innovative technologies.


Our Partners






PooyaGene Biotech Co. in order to meet the continuously growing demand, is looking for new colleagues based on merit, qualification and laboratory skills. Basic requirements are good communication abilities, fluency in English Language and self-governing and -motivation.

Please Email your resume to We will add your CV to our database for any position in future matching your interests and skills.


Biotechnology is known as a hot investment sector, mostly because of high value-added in biotech services and products. PooyaGene Biotech Co., a multinational company, is a privately held company, registered in Iran. It is the first and the only Iranian biotech company with an active office in India. The company started its business operation with the founders’ funds. However, the management team at PooyaGene Biotech Co., comprises of forward-thinking experts with the vision to be leading, are planning to expand PooyaGene Biotech Co., and welcomes investors who look for being partners with us in accelerating our growth through sharing opportunities. We welcome and value your contribution. Your contribution would help both of us to share our opportunities.



 We offer the following services;

  • Onsite Basic and Advanced Flow Cytometry Trainings/Workshops
  • Consultancy on Flow Cytometry Experiment Designing and its Execution
  • Consultancy on Flow Cytometry Data analysis, Data interpretation and Data Presentation.
  • Contract Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Services
  • Customized Flow Cytometry Trainings/Workshops
  • Training for Scientists/Researchers New to Flow Cytometry
  • Training and Assistance for Flow Cytometers
  • Training and Assistance for Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Software
  • Preparation and Review of Scientific Manuscripts containing Flowcytometry Data